Budgeat is a Software & Media company based in the Caribbean



Founded in 2016, Budgeat’s mission is to provide small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) the tools to improve their customers’ online experience. People use Budgeat to easily transform, manage and share data, to get real-time insights and to control information in ways that easily inform decisions.


Budgeat Mobile - View / Pre-Order Meals & Manage Mobile Loyalty Cards

Budgeat Delivery - (Logistics) Manage / Deliver Customer orders

Budgeat Seller - Inventory Management, Payments & Analytics to sell on WhatsApp

Budgeat Search - Search engine for Restaurant/Menus

Budgeat Trivia - Advertisement in the form of Business Trivia Questions

Budgeat usedtx. - Search engine for used textbooks

Budgeat Magazine - blog covering Startups, Technology and products offered by Budgeat itself