Millions of Companies around the world use WhatsApp to conduct Business. But WhatsApp and most social platforms were not meant for advance enterprise use. BudgEat Seller extends the functionality of these platforms by offering a stand-alone mobile app, linking together simple and easy to use sales features for better results.



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+ Unlimited Products

Upload as many products as you like, or your own line of products

+ Large Reach

Send your products to one person or blast it to a large group

+ Track Items

Know which item is generating the most interest


+ Inventory Management

Add/remove products easily. Your customers will always see your latest updates even after you send an item

+ Share Link

Easily share products with a preview link on WhatsApp

+ Payments

Share a link to a customer for direct payment

Budgeat Seller is super interesting SiliconCaribe.com Founder & CEO



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and Unlock BudgEat Seller premium features:

+ Integrated Point of Sale (POS)

+ Sales Reporting

+ Transaction History

+ Lifetime support & upgrades

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